Saturday, October 18, 2008

I looooove letterpress.

I mean, who doesn't love letterpress printing? Everything about it is...luscious. I've been on my computer today surfing my favorite sites. Take a look:

- Wiley Valentine - Two extremely talented designers on the west coast, Emily and Rachelle, design and print wedding invitations, birth announcements, and social stationery. They will print most things either flat or letterpress. For those that can't afford letterpress, no worries: their designs lend flat printing a modern vintage, dimensional feel that reminds you of letterpress. Plus, they use fabulously textured papers for most of their work. I got my social stationery through them and, by chance, the name of the design is Katie! Check it out and drool.

- Mr. Boddington's Studio - Mr. Boddington is actually a woman named Rebecca based in New York. Yummy wedding invitations, birth announcements, and social stationery. Her save the dates are hilarious. 

- Pomco Graphics - I worked with this company for several years and, in my humble opinion, they're one of the best printers in the country. And they do everything - letterpress, offset, digital, thermography, foil stamping, engraving, embossing, name it, they do it in house. Love these guys! They just updated their site, too, it's so much better than it used to be. 

- Smock - I don't really know much about this company but from what I see on their site, their stuff rocks! 


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