Saturday, January 3, 2009

Twilight Fog

41/365 Dec 24 2008

In the past week I have read the four books in the Twilight series. I finished the last one about two hours ago, and I feel like I'm waking up. Thank God there's nothing else to read, otherwise I'd continue to shirk all everyday duties I've been avoiding, including wearing something other than my jammies. It got to a point where my husband eyeballed the books in a grudging way (he thought I didn't notice), as if they were competition for my attention. Which they were, hands down. At a New Year's Eve party, I bluntly informed my friends that I'd much rather be at home reading book two than talking to them.


As it turns out, there IS something else to read. The author, Stephenie Meyer, was working on a companion book to Twilight entitled Midnight Sun. Supposedly, it is the same experience told from Edward's viewpoint rather than Bella's. Unfortunately, an unpublished, 250-page version of the manuscript got leaked on the Internet. On Mrs. Meyer's web site, she expressed profound disappointment that this happened but decided to post the absolute latest manuscript on her web site anyway. She initially decided against publishing the text, but her publicist later admitted (after hearing hundreds of protests from manic fans) that she will indeed publish a finished version. She mentioned on her site that she hopes her fans will not read the unpublished version.

Sigh. I'm debating whether or not to wait for the published version. I think I will wait for a variety of reasons*:

1. If I were Stephenie Meyer, I'd wish my fans wouldn't read the unpublished version as well. I do not know the author, obviously, but I feel sort of obligated (because I am one of the aforementioned manic fans).

2. I really need to go to the gym.

3. My husband is tired of looking at the cover of the book rather than my face.

4. I need to go to the grocery store so that my diet includes more than Kraft macaroni and cheese microwaveable packs.

Since this is all I've been doing for the past week, a couple of the books made it into my Flickr 365 day object project (see above). I'm not sure if the author has decided to continue the series or create a spinoff with Jacob and Nessie, but I sure hope she does!! Hey, if it comes down to it, I can read them on the tread mill and when George is on call. A totally manageable addiction.

*January 10, 2009 update: According to, Midnight Sun is officially on hold.  Therefore, I made the decision to read - and thoroughly enjoy - the partial draft posted on her web site.  If you are a fan of the books, I recommend it. If you are male and afraid to read the series because you think they're girly, I recommend it (it is from Edward's perspective).


Tony Thompson said...

im so glad that u have admitted to this problem. thats the first step!

Priscilla Morrison said...

Okay, here is the deal. First, I just found your blog, and I must say that I love it. Your photography is absolutely wonderful.
Second, I resisted Twilight for as long as I could. Once I started, I also read all the books in one week. Here is what I did though... right after I finished Twilight, I read Midnight Sun. Although I was sad when it ended so abruptly, it gave me new insight into Edward. I was able to know how he had felt when I moved onto New Moon, which helped because he was gone so long. It was an eye-opening experience. But then again, I am the kind that lets curiosity get the best of me everytime. It never even crossed my mind to wait. I was just too excited!
Also, my husband hated every second of that week. hehe

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