Sunday, August 16, 2009

Supermodels without makeup

This is not something I dwell upon often, but I realize now that I've always assumed that the photographs of models posing on the cover of Vogue, Glamour, Cosmopolitan, etc. are heavily touched up. "Oh, they don't really look like that, someone Photoshopped the dark circles under the eyes away and...poof! Supermodel." Perhaps this made me feel better. I mean, can Cindy Crawford really look like Cindy Crawford all of the time?

Well, according to Harper's Bazaar, she can. And does. In a recent article they photographed some well-known supermodels with no makeup. They look absolutely fantastic. Admittedly, I can tell that the photographer worked him or herself to death to shoot them in killer lighting. But still. Wow.


It is a slow Sunday morning as I write this. I am on my couch in an old IP t-shirt and green boxers, my coke-bottle glasses are dirty, and there is no makeup covering the gargantuan zit on my chin. See photo booth image below. I don't have the heart to showcase the aforementioned blemish (it is not nearly as charming as Cindy's mole). I can say with confidence that I am still entertained by my purple and green Ann et Valentin glasses. Other than that? Bleh. Sunday morning.

My point? At this moment in time, I am finding it difficult to say that Harper's counter argument to what can now be called the "supermodel Photoshop myth" is welcome news.

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