Sunday, October 11, 2009

Cake rage

Cake rage

Several things come to mind when viewing this image:

1. I am not meant to be a baker. Or, in the very least, I will never decorate cakes.

2. It has been demonstrated again and again that folks with multiple personalities have different handwriting styles depending upon who they are at the moment.

3. Road rage, according to Wikipedia, is aggressive or angry behavior by a driver of an automobile or other motor vehicle. Such behavior might include rude gestures, verbal insults, deliberately driving in an unsafe or threatening manner, or making threats. Road rage can lead to altercations, assaults, and collisions which result in injuries and even deaths.

I can say that,without a doubt, I experienced cake rage today. I started out all domestic and optimistic with the word "happy" and almost dug out the cake with my bare hands and threw it out the window by the time I got to "George." You can actually track my mood change here.

Take from this what you will.

Oh, and I promise those are neither (1) bleeding hearts nor (2) happy sperm. They are balloons.


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