Monday, July 6, 2009


So, a couple of French kids won a really prestigious award for a visual story they submitted about students and the things they have to go through nowadays to live, go to school, etc. When they accepted their award at the Sorbonne, they admitted to everyone the whole thing was a hoax - they "wanted to enter the contest in order to show the codes used too often in photojournalism and to prove that something real could be translated into something staged." They had basically looked at award submissions for the 2008 prize and found a formula photographers used for success and wanted to make a point.

I have been in conflict with my family since I was 16. Even if I
don't have a scholarship nor parental assistance, I have always
fended for myself. - Amin, 23, Master of Sociology

I don't know about you, but if I were one of the judges, I would totally want to kick these kid's asses. Right there. On stage. Regardless of how funny and/or cool this might be.


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