Saturday, January 16, 2010

Green Pink Caviar

I've written a little about Marilyn Minter before but just about her photographs. Last year she made a video called Green Pink Caviar. The trailer for the full piece is shown below. Is it me, or is it only possible to watch this in a slack jawed and mildly catatonic manner?

Here's what she has to say about Green Pink Caviar:

In Green Pink Caviar Marilyn Minter continues her interest in blurring the boundaries between fine and commercial art. Co-opting advertising genres and related spaces, she takes on a new platform to direct her first video. The eight minute high definition video, Green Pink Caviar (2009) is a lush and sensual voyeuristic hallucination. Filmed with macro lenses, the video was inspired by a photo shoot where Minter directed her models to lick brightly colored candies while she shot photos from underneath a glass plate. The models' tongues mixed the colorful sugar with saliva, slurping and pushing color across the glass surface to simulate painting. Driven by her fascination with the body, Green Pink Caviar sets the stage for chance to happen.


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