Thursday, February 12, 2009

Krazy about Kindle

For a gal who claims to love all things paper, I have definitely betrayed the industry by fully embracing Kindle, Amazon's electronic book reader, even before I have one.  Face it: it just makes sense.  I've read a ton of consumer reviews and tried a friend's out, and I just have this feeling as soon as I get it in my hands, I will fall absolutely in love.  However, I feel some residual guilt about this.  Therefore, following is a list of pros and cons:

- Kindle is a handy size that can fit easily into my purse.
- They replicate the look of a printed page to avoid eye strain.
- You can download any book available in a digital format from Amazon's Kindle site anytime, anywhere, directly from Kindle.
- There is no charge for instant book access.
- Books range in price, but most new books and bestsellers sell for $9.99.  Not bad.
- George won a Kindle at his last work conference in Nashville.  Yes, he realizes he will be handing it over to me upon delivery.  Woo hoo!

- Not all books are available in electronic format, and at this point I am not sure what is driving the decisions behind what books are and aren't being e-published. 
- I doubt the book industry will latch onto the digital wave that the music industry has fully embraced (hello, iPod).  There's an interesting article from NPR about this that came out yesterday.
- The charge supposedly lasts a week, but the first time I'm on a plane and it goes out, I will be furious.  Even if it is my fault that I didn't charge before hopping on aforementioned plane.

My opinion may change, but right now the score is 6-3 in favor of Kindle.  Plus, I am lucky enough to avoid the steep $349 price tag (which is why I mention it here and not in cons).  

Long live Kindle!


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